These Rates are inclusive of electricity & VAT

Low Season

rest of the year

  • Per Adult: R132
  • Per Child: R82
  • Per Pensioner: R92
  • Per Student: R92
  • Per Extra Stand: R132

Mid Season

School Holidays

  • Per Adult: R182
  • Per Child: R102
  • Per Pensioner: R92
  • Per Student: R92
  • Per Extra Stand: R182

High Season

5 DEC - 5 JAN

  • Per Adult: R252
  • Per Child: R127
  • Per Pensioner: R252
  • Per Student: R252
  • Per Extra Stand: R252


2 Weeks | Monthly

January to November ONLY

  • 2 People for 2 weeks: R1212
  • 2 People for 1 month: R2385



Option 1

Low-season - Book for 4 nights and only pay for 3 (any period outside of school holidays and December/High Season) * EXCL Pensioners

Option 2
Mid-Season - Book for 8 nights and only pay for 7 (all national school holidays) * EXCL Pensioners

Please mention this special when calling to inquire

Please note

Two small lap dogs allowed: January-November only. No dogs during December/High Season.

Additional costs are incurred when an extra stand is required to house a boat/caravan and/or other equipment. This arrangement can only be made if additional stands are available and have not been pre-booked in advance.

Additional costs for tent and caravan assistance.

Camp Layout